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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change a chart to a different time period?
Option 1: Select chart you want to change by left clicking on it. Then select Chart tab > Chart Settings. In the right column under ‘Intraday Bar Period/Session times’ you can change the time period by entering the amount of minutes you want in the minute section under Days-minutes-seconds. If you want a 5 minute chart it would look like this 0-5-0. 30 minute chart 0-30-0. 1 day chart 1-0-0, etc. 
Option 2: Select the chart you want to change by left clicking on it. Select Chart tab > Intraday bar periods (bottom left column) > select time desired from the dropdown box. 

How do I get the price to appear on the right side if it is missing?
Select chart that is missing price by left clicking on the chart. Global Settings > Graphic Settings > Chart text (Black), Chart background (White), Chart Grid (Black), Chart Scale Boarder (Black) > OK.  
If this does not work then create a new chart to take this chart’s place and then remove this chart from chartbook. Refer to ‘How do I add a chart to Chartbook?’ and ‘How do I remove a chart from Chartbook?’ for directions. 

How do I add indicators to a chart?
Analysis Tab > GreenChart 1 or GreenChart 2 (depending on what indicators you are wanting to appear on that chart)

What if I want a chart for a different symbol?
File > Find Symbol and Open Chart > Select the symbol you want for chart > Select ‘OK’
*If the symbol you want to trade is not on the list and you are a futures trader, please contact your broker and ask them to add that symbol to your account. It can take up to 24 hours for the symbol to appear on your GreenChart symbol list. 
You may need to make some changes to the chart settings and the graphic settings.
For chart settings hit F5 on your keyboard or the CS hot button on the tool bar or Chart > Chart Settings. 
For Graphic Settings go to Global Settings > Graphic Settings

How do I change the color or graphic settings on my charts?
Global Settings > Graphic Settings > Select what you want to change > Select color button > Select color you want > OK > If you want to make any other color changes select what you want to change and repeat steps > select ‘OK’ on ‘Graphic Settings’ for the changes to take place. 

I can only see one chart, I used to be able to see all of them. How do I see them all at the same time again?
Go to the Window tab > Select ‘Tile Vertically’ or ‘Tile Horizontally’. This should make all the charts 
appear again. You may have to manually stretch and shrink them if you do not like the arrangement. To manually adjust, move your cursor to one of the charts edges. When hovering over the chart’s edge, your cursor becomes a double-ended arrow. Left-click and drag to the left, right, up or down in order adjust size of the chart. To move the chart, move your cursor to the top border. Left-click and drag the chart where you want it. 

How can I display more historical data on my charts?
Futures: You are only able to see as far back as the quarter symbol will allow. If you want to see previous data from past quarters then you will need to open a chart with that symbol. You will not be able to see previous quarters data with current data when doing this. 
Forex: Go to File > Data Trade Service Settings > Max historical intra. Increase to at least 100 days. Then go to chart > Chart settings > Days to display/load (increase to 100). Hit ‘Okay’. Chart will regenerate with as much historical data that it will allow. 
If you would like to see more historical data than the Basic plan offers, you may upgrade to an Advanced Plan which also offers historical data feeds for $45.99 month. 
To do this, call or email us to discontinue your Basic plan and sign-up for an Advanced Plan here.

I changed my settings but when I go back into GreenChart they aren’t there.
After you make any change that you want to keep in your GreenChart you must go to File > Save.

How do I use a tool just once?
Tools > tool settings > General > After single tool use change to POINTER.

How do I know my charts are displaying the most current data?
In the lower right hand corner of the chart there will be a red or green square with a number inside of it. If the box is red then you are not viewing current data. If there is a green square then you are viewing current data. 

How do I update my GreenChart software and how often should I update? 
To update your GreenChart software, open GreenChart. Select the Help tab at the top. Then select ‘Download PreRelease’. Your GreenChart software will begin to update and then walk you through the download wizard. Please follow the set-up directions. 
You should update your GreenChart software at least once every 60 days or if you are having any technical difficulties.
GreenChart offers two tiers of service: Basic, $39.99 and Advanced, $45.99. Our Advanced Plan offers a historical data feed in addition to the Charting Software and Data Feeds offered in the Basic Plan. Sign-Up to get started. 

Windows Users
GreenChart requires Windows XP, Windows 2003,
Windows Vista, Windows 2008 or Windows 7. 
XP users must install the Microsoft .NET Framework version 2.0 or 3.5 and the Service Pack. Service Pack is required for reliable operation. 
Green Chart is not a .NET application, but does utilize .NET capabilities. Green Chart is fast, high-performance code.
32 and 64-bit operating systems are supported.

Mac Users
To use GreenChart, you must purchase and install Parallels, VMware Fusion or, you may use Boot Camp virtualization software that is included on your Mac. 
Boot Camp allows you the option to boot into either the Mac or Windows OS at start-up, whereas Parallels and VMware Fusion software enables your Mac to run Windows OS and Windows programs simultaneously with Mac OS and Mac applications without rebooting.
Boot Camp, Parallels and VMware Fusion all require installation of a valid, compatible copy of Microsoft Windows. Learn more at


How do I install GreenChart?
Once you have called GreenChart & setup an account, we will email you a welcome email that will include a step-by-step PDF guide of how to install GreenChart on your computer.

Can I install GreenChart on more than one device?
Yes. Please use the same link that is in your welcome e-mail. You will need to make all setting changes that you have made on your current device since the changes you make are actually saved to your device, not a server. You are only able to log in to GreenChart on one device at a time & you must allow at least 15 minutes in between logging off of one device and logging in on the next. 

How do I set up my charts in GreenChart?
The PDF that is sent to you in your welcome email will walk you through the basic setup for the pre-loaded charts that are included in the GreenChart Software. If you do not have a copy of the PDF or need another copy please email to request a GreenChart Setup Guide.

How do I switch between getting futures & forex data?
You must switch your Data Trade Service setting (File > Data Trade Service Setting). For Forex Data the service needs to be set to SC FOREX DATA (FXCM). For Futures Data the service needs to be set to TRANSACT. If you are trading Futures contracts in the morning and then want to switch to Forex for afternoon trading just open your Data Trade Service Settings switch the service and then make sure you are using the correct charts. Forex (EURUSD) Futures (6E or ES).


Why isn’t my GreenChart connecting?
Internet: Please check to make sure that you are connected to the internet. It is recommended that you are hardwired into an internet connection while trading. 
If connected to a wireless connection you may have problems with the streaming of the live data feed that you need to trade. 

Service: Be sure if you are trading Forex that your Data Trade Service Setting Service is set to SC Forex Data (FXCM). If you are trading Futures, be sure that you have selected TranAct as your service. Make sure that you have selected the correct Server type Demo (for demo account users) vs Live (users with funded accounts). Then make sure that you have entered the correct Account Name, Password and Account Number that your Futures Broker has provided you. 
Please call your futures broker with questions regarding your futures account information.

Firewalls and Antivirus: Some firewalls and antivirus software will block connection to GreenChart. If you are having a connection problem, please turn off all antivirus and firewall software on your computer. Then, try to open Green Chart and see if the connection works. 


How do I recover missing charts from Chartbooks? 
File > Open Chartbook > Right Click on whichever Chartbook you are missing (6E, ES fast, EURUSD fast, EURUSD onit, etc.) > Restore Previous Versions > Select the earliest version by date that you can > Okay.  File > Open Chartbook > Select whichever chartbook > Open. Your chartbook should be restored with all charts. You may need to update the symbol to the current quarter and adjust your chart settings. 
If the above does not work then refer to ‘How do I add a chart to a Chartbook’ below and add the missing chart back into chartbook. Make sure to save after you have completed that task so the chart stays in the chartbook. 

How do I add a chart to a Chartbook? 
Option 1: New Chart
File > New/Open Intraday Chart > Select whichever type of chart that you are trying to add from list > Open. 
To add indicators select ‘Analysis’ tab > GreenChart 1 or GreenChart 2
You will then need to make some changes to the chart settings (Chart > Chart Settings) such as Graphtype: Candlestick, Day-Min-Sec depending on what type of chart you want: 1 minute, 5 minute, etc, Start and end time. 
You will need to make some changes to the graphic colors as well. (Global Settings > Graphic Settings) Scroll down to Chart text (black), Chart Background (white), Chart Scale (Black), Chart Grid (Black)
Option 2: Duplicating a Chart
Select a chart to duplicate by left clicking on chart > Chart tab > duplicate chart (bottom of right hand column>
You will have to edit Chart settings to edit the amount of time the chart is. (Chart > Chart Settings or F5 on keyboard or CS hot button on toolbar)

How do I remove a chart from a Chartbook?
Select the chart that you want to remove by left clicking on it. In the upper right hand corner of that chart you will see a small ‘X’. Click the ‘X’. A popup will appear asking, “Remove chart window?” Select ‘OK’.